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The horse has always played a huge part in the history of the West. Much like his Cowboy owner, the best horses are tough, honest and capable of doing the hardest job well. He must be easy riding, with a long stride to make the big circle, fast enough to turn a maverick steer, cow-savvy to pair out, and honest enough for the grandkids.

In 1946, Beeman Dockrey set out to raise such horses. Recently discharged from the Army, Beeman was on a mission. He became a fan of the newly created registry of American Quarter Horses, they seemed to implement the qualities he desired, “good strided, with stamina and versatility”; a Cowboy’s horse. He also believed in the teachings of Marvin Beman, who was the originator of “form to function”. In the early years, Beeman would read the bloodlines aloud for the horse sales, assisting people in obtaining the right horse. He dabbled in the bloodlines of Peter McCue and Midnight, he knew that a good running horse would be the foundation of his bloodlines, they provided the speed and stamina he wanted. In his quest for the best broodmare line, he came upon the bloodlines of Leo and Three Bars. To Beeman, that cross was a great one, as evidenced in the breeding programs of Clarence Berry and Walt Chamberlain. These two breeding programs were the ones that influenced Beeman the most in his pursuit of the perfect “Cowboy” horse. Beeman crossed these bloodlines, Leo, Sea Bar and Sugar Bars with a good splash of running blood, Easy Jet, Anchor Watch, Peter McCue and Hy Diamond. These were good horses, and his bloodlines could be found in remudas throughout the midwest.

Beeman always felt that Bud Warren was one of the most successful breeders of versitile Quarter Horse race horses. Bud established Leo as a successful race horse and sire. In 1958 a sorrel stallion was born on the Warren Ranch in Perry Oklahoma. Bred by Bud Warren, and later owned by Beeman’s good friend, Walt Chamberlain,Tiger Leo would become one of the greatest siring sons of Leo, he was an AQHA Champion and inducted into the NSBA Hall of Fame. Beeman quickly recognized the potential in Tiger Leo, and kept many of his daughters. These mares consistently produced good minded, good boned, sure footed horses, suitable for ranch or arena work, no matter what bloodlines they were crossed with. The most notable cross for Beeman was the mating of Mr. San Peppy with My Special Order, a daughter of Tiger Leo. A half brother to Peppy San Badger, Nostagical was born in 1994, and became the cornerstone of Beeman’s current breeding program....    Read More

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